Lifetime Free Iptv Usage Opportunity

With Affiliate Marketing, it is up to you to get free lifetime broadcasts!
Are you satisfied with our service? Are you considering buying again? Then all you have to do is quite simple. You can show the service you use to your immediate surroundings and let them get it. You earn commission for the package that every person you refer receives. The steps you need to do for this are quite simple. Give your reference link from your customer panel and ask them to become a member.
How Can I Benefit?
1. Buy Our Product!
First of all, you have to buy our product. You can become an affiliate by purchasing from any package.
2. What Should the People I Recommend Do?
Give your reference link from your customer panel and ask them to become a member. Membership is completely free. Your customer, who becomes a member, can then write to us and purchase products. In this way, you will earn a lifetime commission from every purchase of the person you recommend.


You Earn Lifetime 5% Commission for Every Person You Bring!

  • For example, the person you suggested became a member of the reference link and bought a package. You will continue to receive a lifetime commission of 5% for each new package purchase or renewal of each package you recommend.

Sample Calculation

You provided suggestions to 20 people. 20 people bought an annual package for €42

You earn €2.1 for every 1 person. You earn 20 * 2.1 = €42 commission in total. Moreover, each time these customers provide new packages and extensions, you will continue to earn for life. You can always use free broadcasts with these earnings.


Track Your Earned Commissions!

From your customer panel, you can follow your earnings arising from each member with a reference link on the affiliate tab.
If you can provide a lot of suggestions, if your circle is very large, you can earn more as our free dealer. You can visit our dealership page to get information about dealership.