Would you like to earn additional income as our dealer?
As our dealer, you can gain serious profit by offering this product to your environment or by marketing it differently. We do not want high payments from those who want to become dealers like other companies, and we support them, not hinders. We make it possible for everyone to win. While presenting this procedure, we have a reasonable condition to avoid ulterior motives.

1. Do I have to pay to become a dealer?
Our dealership service is free!

2. What is your dealership requirement?
1. You must load at least 20 credits to get a panel.
2. After the credit loading, we open a dealer panel for you.

Afterwards, you can create and give m3u link to your customers by buying and selling yourself at dealer-specific prices.

  • 3. Opportunities offered to our dealers.
    Our dealers can open test broadcasts to their customers free of charge in 3-6-12-24 hours.
  • Our dealers can also rent a customer tracking panel from us for a very low monthly amount. This panel is a fully automatic panel. You can contact for details.

4. How Can I Become A Dealer?
You can contact us by clicking the “BECOME OUR DEALER” button below.

5. What Will I Earn When I Become a Dealer?
Since your purchase prices will be lower when you become a dealer, you can earn the number you want by determining your earnings. Apart from that, when you reach a certain number of customers, you will also have the opportunity to earn regular income from your customers’ repeat purchases.