Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions other than those not here, you can write to us.

Also Our Contact Information

Our contact information you can reach us is below.

  • You can watch from your Android Tablet, Phone and Set-Box devices.
  • You can watch from IOS and Apple devices.
  • For SD and mobile broadcasts, you must have at least 8 Mbps internet. When the speed is below 8 Mbps, you may experience connection problems.
    High speed is required for broadcasts with higher resolutions (720p, 1080p, 4K etc.).
  • When you turn on different devices at the same time, the broadcast will automatically turn off. If this is done persistently, your link will be blocked.
  • Unless there is a technical problem, you will not experience interruptions or freezes in your broadcasts.
  • You can make purchases to the bank account in the form of money order / EFT or with the link we will give you by debit / credit card.
  • If you click on M3u URL addresses given to you, your current list will automatically drop. If your M3u URL is not working, contact us.

Refunds are made.
Refunds are not made for the following reasons …

  • If you have any infrastructure problems on your side.
  • Freezing issues when trying to watch high resolution broadcasts while your internet speed is low.
  • If there is a situation such as broadcast theft, sending to the server and streaming, site broadcasting. Refunds will not be made under any circumstances in cases such as freezing problems and problems arising from violations of the terms of use by connecting with your link at the same time.
  • The return period is 7 days. In case of exceeding, no refund will be made.

Please test and purchase our publications in order not to encounter these situations.