İptv Server

What is İptv Server?

IPTV has a very simple logic. This product, which means Internet Protocol Television; It means you can stream video with the help of fiber optic cable or satellite dish. You can think of it as your Youtube viewing process on the internet. In this way, you can safely watch the iptv service from your computer, tablet or phone, or your television.

With our applications you will download, you can access and watch the broadcasts from our servers anywhere you want, within the iptv username and password we will give you. Apart from that, if your television is smart, you can watch it with the application you download to your TV. Our users who do not have a smart TV can watch comfortably with their TV box or iptv compatible satellite receivers. Iptv server service is a very technological product, it is a low cost and safe TV service in every sense.


Why freeze up and stuttering broadcasts on iptv

Why freeze up and stuttering broadcasts on iptv
There are many reasons for freezing problems in iptv. If we need to briefly mention them and determine whether their reasons are user-based or provider-based, we should examine them as follows.
Let’s first look at the iptv server provider side.
Due to the popularity of this business day by day, both the sub-dealers and the so-called seller parts of this business have increased considerably. First of all, it is useful to pay attention to where you buy the product.
1. One of the first reasons for freezing is that the link sold to you is also sold to someone else. Thus, it causes freezing and rupture when used at the same time.
2. How many people can be removed by the servers of the party providing the iptv service. If the customer is around 12 thousand and the servers are like 10 gbit, you will naturally experience freezing.
3. What is the internet upload speed it uses while providing the service to you? At low upload speeds, you still experience freezing while streaming broadcasts.
4. Deeper fine details such as the hardware, devices and servers it uses.
These are the problems leading to you by the iptv server provider. Let’s say these problems do not exist and it provides a completely appropriate service.
Then let’s handle the situation by the user.

1. The user’s internet speed has a minimum speed of 8 Mbps.
2. Users with this speed to watch broadcasts on sd and mobile versions. For higher resolution streams, they must have high speed.
3. We have channels designed for low speed users. This may not be in every company. For this reason, it will be healthier for each user to open publications suitable for himself and his equipment.
Watching 4K or full HD broadcasts even though the hardware does not fit is another part of the problems.

We have summarized the source of the problems with a few information from both sides. It is an excellent service that will not cause any problems if we shop or use it by paying attention to these.


As humaniptv.com , we care about customer satisfaction. We have a system that grows with customer satisfaction. As you are satisfied, you come to us with your circle. In this proud situation, we strive to be even better. We are not perfect, but we strive every day to be perfect.
We make mistakes from time to time. As a result, the devices we use are completely electronic products and rarely fail. In such cases, problems such as small freezing can occur in a short time. However, we intervene as quickly as possible with our spare devices.
1. We serve you with our customer portfolio of over 250 thousand on average. While we had 10 thousand six customers, we were serving with our 20 Gbit servers. As our portfolio started to grow, we switched to our 50 Gbit servers. Thus, we are at the size to serve 50 thousand customers on 1 server at the same time.
2. We offer you broadcasting at 1000 Mbps upload speed threshold with symmetric 1000 Mbps metro internet. This completes the enjoyment of non-freezing streaming.
3. We appeal to every audience with sd, mobile, 720p, 1080p, 4K and more broadcast types in order to be able to receive services from every internet speed infrastructure.
4. With our mobile applications, we renew every day so that you can receive more efficient broadcasts.
5. We are constantly trying to keep our list updated with our updated vod broadcasts.